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coats. The first suture is placed at the inferior or mesenteric
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done ? There is only one way. How is that ? You have taken chemistry and physiology
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coincidences are to he seen. The glorious triumphs of Howard
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of pubiotomy he agreed with Dr. Sheill when he said that it
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The head being presumed to present, the obvious remedy is to
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assured myself that there is no posterior urethritis or strict-
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cases in which the Klebs-Lu;filer bacillus is found, is
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permitted the passage of the colon-bacillus through its wall,
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pointed, as I thought, to tape- worm. I ordered her to
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internal rectus. Am. J. Ophth., St. Louis, 1886, iii, 336.—
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tion of constitutional and local disease, &c., until the. numerous and ever
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subject of the lecture was the knee joint, Dr. Whit-
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thought and correct facts all well printed on good paper, makes
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by Baer in which an acute arthritis of the spine subsided rapidly after proper
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He was succeeded by Dr. George Birkbeck, who started a
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ure in presenting Dr. Malone, who is a regular doctor of medicine
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stirring, and finally strained through muslin. The same weight
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uterus was healthy : there was no pus in the sinuses. The os uteri showed j
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burn, and the like symptoms of what we suppose to be
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chromatin. The cuboidal cells arc seen then only at the periphery
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plete, three toes on the hind limb complete, a well-developed ulna, a
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have been increased by enlarijement and tirainno^e of the
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latent Pain is sometimes noted where tne mobility is
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not deny. That you were so, arose from the consciousness that yon
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quent ; he was delirious, and his case seemed almost despe-
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with LOffler's solution (menthol 10 grams, dissolved in sufficient toluol to make
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shield the bone from normal stresses that influence strength
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bers to be affected, has hitherto been considered as occurring
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When stung I started to the house to get something to stop the pain and
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vast majority of cases. Bacillus lactis aerogenes, Staphylococcus pyogenes
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portions of the intestines than its rectum, and if the
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like figures imbedded in entirely clear lung tissue.
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uterus; and here certainly we find some novel statements. The axis
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674. Veal,Chicken& Parsley Pie— Ingredients— Slices of neck
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The lack of clarity in the statute’s definition of a “group
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means of keeping a portion of these schools disorganized.
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Dr. F. X. Dercum stated further, that from the photo-
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children. There were 'jr> autopsies with six cases of tuberculosis (17 per
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from the effects of the drug, I prefer to give it at bedtime. I
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Sports have always been successful at LSUMC, and under the
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little extra gut, the appendix, was receiving extra-
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tion of this important question. Kassowitz, however, as he states in his in-
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