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during the present campaign. Never before have injuries to what

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is the better source of light energy for skin localization.

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1897, XXX, 4.5-48.— Fletcher ( W. B.) Report of a case of

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• areas upon which I had operated were well covered in

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causes of this perversion of function. Vicious habits of eating and

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the practice of surgery, she has not abounded in scientific teachers of the

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vantages of better houses, clothing, and food, are superadded the

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cases, as far as I have been able to find out, were able to

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mentioned, chief among which. perhaj)s, are the cases

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be remembered, however, that trouble with the ligature was very

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The state society, by building up local societies and

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There is only a slight enlargement in the ordinary case of tropical

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etiology and pathology of varix have to be considered,

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as well as that of the cornea until the inflammatory ac-

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times longer. Recurrent scarlatina is a form of the disease in which,

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findings such as hemiparesis, asymmetric deep tendon

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dermatology. The pastille of Sab9uraud of the stomach to tolerate fatty foods. If

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Lunatic Asylum, whose name is intimately associated with this

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It was not stated in the report, as had been alleged,

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journals, and having no preconceived opinions, will examine

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to your teachers, and perhaps to a few of the seniors among your-

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then placed in a drop of salt solution, — 0.5 per cent, suffices, — lying on

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London School of Dentil Surgery and Dental Hoaprrax of

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geology, and visited the diamond-fields especially to examine

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chita, and Wall, of Topeka ; Treasurer, Dr. Reynolds,

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G. R. Elliott. — "Congenital Dislocation of the Hip-Joint with refer-

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fossa, by an incision extending from the loin behind. Some clear fluid

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a small patch on the right cheek, by tracing letters on

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been said to be atrophied, as well as those of the anterior cornu,

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they be convicted of any misdemeanour, must be handed over to

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clusions from clinical and bacteriologic experiments with

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will be held at the Naval Hospital in Mrooklyii. Fourteen va-

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at any time during the latter imrt of gestation, I have almost invariably bled

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ably improved in results obtained over former methods.

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