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infection or of infection with the typhoid bacillus itself. Typhoid abscesses

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to_treat them. Bristol M.-Chir. J., 1885, iii, 73-80.— Slan-

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dency in Internal Medicine at Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in

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23, 1902) find a corroboration of the theory that living

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cast away the mould from which she formed those rare

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about four feet high around each tent or small area. A removable

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He came to me in the afternoon of the same day and told me

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lobe of the left lung. Deep-seated pain, much increased by a full inspi-

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became incapable of directing its movements, which were

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that puerperal convulsions were occasioned by a determina-

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pulmonary veins are ever fall when the left side of the heart is

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scotoma), while the periphery of the visual field remains unaffected. The

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from diarrhoea and convulsions September 5, Cold was applied

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Therefore it becomes a sacred duty of every one connected

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21. — Robson reports 3 cases of removal of the supra-

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most enjoyable reading of any of the treatises on allergy.

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68.2 per cent. He observed an increase of 5 per cent during the lying-in

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marked bulging of the affected side with obliteration, even prominence,

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its recommendations regarding the adoption of these

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The report of the Committee on Efficiency was read and adopted

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point ; chiefly dependent on the mental condition of the patients, Avho

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classes, as soldiers, prisoners, inmates of institutions, etc., but even

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1857, there was no institution established for the special treat-