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velop between the portion subject to irrigation by acid

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to the strenuous conditions and special hardships of that time.

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properties of bodies by means of impulses coming in the form of rays

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thorax — yet it would seem to justify the inference, that affections

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From the tropics to the polar regions they are encountered, and in

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are used only when the evacuation policy varies during

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depends, of course, among other things on the intensity of

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total disappearance of febrile and uremic symptoms is generally brought

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Tr. Edinb. Obst. Soc, 1889-90, xv, 220-230. Also: Edinb.

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its way down, and which it "became necessary to push onwards into

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Mode of Entrance and Pathogenesis.— Carbon monoxide enters the

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" change of local fluids " is therefore fraught with profound

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cautions are observed, great fallacies must arise in the performance of

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Pohitria pseudacacia, and probably of other species of the genus

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a close spike at the summit of the stem. This valuable

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such cases nephrotomy affords the only possibility of relief, if the attacks of

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for nine and a half months after the operation. Sugar was never found in the

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Of the different bills now before the New York State

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ciation will be held in Havana, Cuba. June 27-28 instead

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incision, extending from the umbilicus to the pubes. The

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fourths of an inch of the tibia, and fullv an inch and a half of

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feet towards a window, and resting on a chair, the head and shoulders being

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pneumonia just as soon as the diagnosis is made, and this is followed

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toe-nail, but as the condition is a little beyond the scope of this article, it

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itself and disappear. It is however acknowledged that a true

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occurred no essential difference in the time that the clots formed

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