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eraled upon as soon as seen, no matter how desperate

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and advanced slowly ; the persons were singularly exempt from apparent

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Learned Arabic writers who lived more than two hundred years later

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obscurities. J. W. Feleukowski * analyzes the material made

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observations and to note all anomalies in anatomical

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ease, at the time of the birth of the calf, but, under normal condi-

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source of the fever, and the appropriate antipyretic therapy

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about 2 in. to the left and above the occipital protuberance to

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that York seems to have been ahead of most places in

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ordered the warm bath by Chalmers ; he resisted violently, and died

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even travel safely through the jungles of Asia. Much of our own

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of vertical strokes was one-fourth and the horizontal one-

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of the lower lobe externally, where a stellate scar was found. When incised,

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Relapses occurred in only three cases. The treatment was ex-

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the latter, in the common circular operation. The flap operations

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of remedies is a consideration equally important. Every one thinks him*

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patients, parents of children who have allergies, and others who must work with this subject

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versally acknowledged to be the only avenue through which

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across his parent's knee for disciplinary pur[)09es. Therefore

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tive galvano-puncture, four times, of 100 milliamperes each.

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ject, is open to criticism. If he is too brief they will criticise

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blubber lips, slowness in answering, and tranquil temper. The contrast

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quitted, both of the capital charge and the inference