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and must have no impediments in the way of the active

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ever, is honored more in the breach than in the observance.

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When the disease is developed, the most prominent feature is laryngeal

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Sir William Scovell Savory, distinguished in the medical world, died on

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ist ; also the choreic complications which are often seen. Remembers

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MJ>. •, Edward Reynolds, M.D., Boston. W. J. Walker, M.D., Oharlestown.

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need but little definition. Among the obligate pyo-

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5. In pernicious anemia, germanium dioxide when administered

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cumstances. While the use of the method by such con-

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tice of Surgery; A. L. Breysacher, M. D., Obsletrics and

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into the blood. In inflammatory toothache, a little morphia

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it is that of a boy, five years old, who, about the end of May, fell into

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cesses is strictly insisted upon. Constant vigilance is

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amino-acid combines with formalin, forming a body with

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MacConnell, Davidson; Dr. John B. Wright, Raleigh; Dr. O. C.

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semia is moderate or slight, this preliminary soothing treatment may

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it is not present at first ; while, on the other hand, a very similar appearance

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you a few moments ago, she can be hypnotized by a single command,

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Her liver was extremely fmall, but not difeafed. The uterine

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the gas generated forces upward this concave receiver until it

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coming organized into a vascular membrane, an abscess is formed.

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We have never had occasion to treat any of these cases, and

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was soon evident that his new life agreed with him ; he

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1892-3, 132-141.— Warren (S.) Fevers that accompany

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vascularity. They were softened, their cortical substance diminished, pyramids

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from dizziness or sickness, and. further, to what height he should be able to

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greatest measurement in 24 hours was .29 inch on the 17th. From

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exist any fears as to hasty increase of the impending mischief,