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scious state, in which she remained for several days and

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the debate by Sir William Gull, the work began. This

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the interests of the medical profession required a rational provision in the

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of spasmodic cough, which depend upon a peculiar hypersesdiesia of the

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destroyed. The auditory centre is the central station,

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and interests itself in their mental advancement, which is

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usually successful. This stage, as I have already said, is marked by

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posterior vertical plane, the genit.'il ])a.ssa<re has ordinarily only

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prayer, but it is as well to keep to the facts, — coax back a

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was founded. In compliance with the views of this committee, the

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printed page, for instance, a few letters can now be plainly recognised in

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it may be said, that this safeguard is not necessary except when very large

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it has been published in the Illinois Medical Journal.

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portions to the alveolar periosteum. The resuUing hp

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thological Anatomy.— The lymphatic glands are in-

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tance of his previous labors, for in the high level gravel beds of Mou-

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part of it. A light whitish cloud darkened all the surface of the right

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sharply twisted around, the right uterine cornu, thus

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inexperience may have had some share in the occurrence. The average

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of inquiry, found themselves outstripped in the race, and

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Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery and Syphilology, University of the State of Illinois; Attending

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sources of long continued external irritation are calculated

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centa, was arrested by dropping water from a sponge nK>derately elevated

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One means of preventing these tents from slipping out, at

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attached margins were rather hard, and thickened. The semilunar pulmonary

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diately, and forms a layer viscid and somewhat dense, which the

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' crisis in 1 811 . On the f st and 25th of March of that year,

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sick once. Her pfl-pils were still dilated, Though §he wandered at

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disease had previously been distinguished by Todd, who also discovered its

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serum. Rabbit red cells, on the other hand, do not absorb strophanthin. But

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fall, climate, and forestry with the public health, and,

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clinical evidence available connects its presence in the urine with func-

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Some miscellaneous business pertaining to the Institute was trans-

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