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The symptoms in this animal and the lesions found at autopsy

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ish coloured fluid issued from the mouth. The viscera of

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however, rigidity with slight spasms again came on.

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It is not my design to review the literature of this

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high-coloured and albuminous urine, with a specific gravity of

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along the lines that made the original edition so useful. A number

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the external border of Poupart's ligament should then be

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of the hospital. I hear that they will proceed to elect a

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ous kinds of sutures on rabbits and dogs to determine the best

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(J.) Wie hat sich der Militairarzt beira Ersatzgeschafte

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spite of the prevalent prejudice against them in the

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Posture is very important ; the prone couch, impracticable in acute

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^ large fecal concretion. .Appendix removed in segments.

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urobiline, which, according to certain clinical facts,

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to some extent, and into its main branches. It is very

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water, as a temporary mode of relief, until the medicine has effected the

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grew quickly to typical appearance. There was, therefore, no injury

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from twenty to thirty gallons of water. Above all, the

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phenomena and causes of the disease, in the tenth and

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Dr. E. M. Moore, of Rochester, presented a paper on " Ununited Frac-

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The report of cures under thyroid extract medication has resulted

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sleep apnea on baseline polysomnography but still showed

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lack attention, for some disciples of obstetrics would fain

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