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palsy. Abductor paralysis may follow exposure to cold or may arise in

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chusetts General Hospital, died on Tuesday forenocm, six

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ard Kelly, of Pennsylvania, Dr. Theophilus Parvin, of Pennsylvania,

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speciahty, Dr. Charles West, was actually the President in 1877. Since

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to arthritis deformans, and future investigations must take cognisance of

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Present Condition: Well developed, fairly well nourished,

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the presence of albuminuria during pregnancy, and es-

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In the conduct of these experiments a scientific method

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of New Bedford, to .see Mrs. G., suffering from an abdominal

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that this anatomy exists in the female pelvis, and we have learned

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rash not obvious, might have been set down as " epidemic sore-throat."

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rently available at university centers, private imaging cen-


that he went out — he had been then taking copaiba for seventeen days — I

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6. Antidote for carbolic acid, sodium sulphate, alco-

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I he act of suicide is often hastily assumed to be evidence of insanity-

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Stimulants, on the administration of. By Lionel S. Beale, F.R.S 110

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regard to the umbilical cord, are probably the most common of any

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report of the Children's Aid Society of New York is

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and uses of these comparatively novel aids to our dia-

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of considerable interest, as bearing upon the recent

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and by the time adult age was reached the motion would

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