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only apparent, as the muscular fibres disappear, and are replaced by con-

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come evident only after the disease has passed. In these cases the

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diagnosed as having chronic nephritis, but in four of these the phenol-

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an advancing chancroidal ulcer, when overtaken by phagedsena

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size of a threepenny-piece on the posterior aspect of the right arm, just above

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ment would give simply the quantity not the quality of illustrations. The plates

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afford a reasonable prospect of saving the life of the patient ? In the

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hours of radium element was applied over the thyroid gland.

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necessary and delectable for all sorts of persons.*** Digested into

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physicians from other organizations attended these affairs

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made by laboratory men having all facilities. Arsenic

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add the simple syrup and wintergreen tincture, and add tinc-

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Malfatti, Jounml dei- praktischeji Heilkunde, by C. W. Hupeland, Bd. xii, Part 3, S.

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Symptoms. — The surface of the tongue is continually sensitive and more

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greatest decrease is noticed in full-blooded i)ersons, in primary afl'ec-

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cil, as, according to the law of Ontario, these had their

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pus infection with enlargement of the tributary cervical glands.

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Assumption of Titles, etc., by Unregistered Persons

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for the benefit of those who may prefer its use, though greatly inferior, in

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power of liberating lunatics. Under ss. 83 and 84, the person originally

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of strength are usually encountered. The evacuations m these cases

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There were no hemorrhages in the brain-tissue and no evi-

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F.R.G.S. 153 pp. London: Regan, Paul, Trench & Co.

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of the basilar artery or its branches. Embolic softening is exceedingly

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they must come up with their averages and keep their proper school

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Washington to Charlotte with his line of samples and -convinced me.