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ter, containing shrunken cells and nuclei, some of the nuclei being occa-

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charge of mucus from the intestinal tract, accompanied by more or less marked

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•[85] ,, Graham, J. D. Journ. Trop. Med. and Hyg., Loudon, xvi, p. 368.

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bacteria and placed in a tube corked with cotton it developed

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pecially with ectopia of the abdominal viscera. There may

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tetany and spasmophilia because the interference with

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ascribed to cardiac disease, that had not conjointly a renal

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ment of the different diseases, and by suggesting, in

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families, though these characteristics are modified

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Paul Bert 1 carried the experiment still further and ex-

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at anatomy, which later he was so successful in teaching.

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pear in this column since they reflect a significant

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106,929,244 gallons daily, and of this 55,695,796 gaUons

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Dist. of Col'ba. . E. P. Copeland, Washington Washington April 10

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ciently large to admit of a thorough exploration of the sinus

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one case in four or five I have found albumin. There is

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quotient of very nearly 1. The translations into the metric

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and rainy seasons. Absence of sunlight and air, and overcrowding are

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3. s., vii, 852. Also : Bull. Soc. frang. d" dermat. et syph.]

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eighth to one-quarter inch wide in a compound patch. In a few cases these

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iuake ; to glean out of all this confusion what little there j

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fluences may well stumble. But Dr. Dawson Williams has


a lessening in the urea function, and often a condition of

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Ihat therefore they would be less disposed to melancholy

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occasionally may be dangerous. One patient I attended on years ago