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at all the lacrimal apparatus or cuts through the nasolacrimal

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WANTED; — Assistant in office doing industrial work. Excellent oppor-

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diseases are therefore clearly not included in the termsK-

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course went, but the prodromal stage in all was quite

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points of inflammation, etc., we see clearly that the parenchyma is

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which culminated in France in the last quarter of the

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premedicated with intravenous diazepam (Valium), and a

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D. C, to temporary duty at Fort &lcl*1ierson, Ga.

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failure of the appetite, with imperfect digestion, and usually

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lation, repeated, as I have proposed, at short intervals, to exhaust the

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peculiar acute and distressing pain in the seat of the tumour

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ments planned for that purpose, that the trypanosome-forms

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symptoms may be almost identical with those of malaria.

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represents a metabolic process, and such intracellular

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and is speedily relieved by the obvious treatment of a hot drink and the

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activity and comparative repose, to plants and animals ; this

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idly in bed and not to worry, but worries about fami-

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being out. In May 1837 a man was found dead near Mitcham in Surrey.

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An examination of his own cases leads him to the conclusion that the

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Intussusception occurs most often in children under six years

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Pursuant to adjournment, the American Medical College

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seconds. The treatment was spread over two and a half months.

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several days and tried all sorts of things, but nothing did anv good

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les huitreset la flfevre typboide.] | Abstr. ] Bull. Acad, de

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2d. Saw the patient in the morning — found him very greatly im-