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Chloramphenicol Eye Drops

of the individual, but when the system begins to suffer from the

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general paralysis of the insane. A further resemblance to the attacks

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thirty-six cases. . The change of air from the heat of the

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ough cauterization of the local lesion is to be done without

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being too proud or too narrow-minded (nearly synonymous

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a careless performance of a very common experiment." We

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him in the side. I then asked him where he was struck ; he replied, under

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from littie except a sense of dryness in the throat, persistent hoarseness,

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of a stone, but is frequently found in considerable quantity. This first

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orbit. Table 2 lists the malignant diagnoses. Of the 33 malig-

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with the aid of the instrument, merit the names of microscopic pathol-

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change often came with teething. As these ulcers never healed,

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the specific symptoms that indicate inflammation of particular

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criminal in a physician to withhold stimulants, when

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4. Cohex, B.. The history program of the Society of

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such as temperature, the admixture of other organisms, the character

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originate from basal lesions, possibly dural inflammation about

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plan delineating the responsibilities of subordinate units and basic

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say we can never cure it unless we find the cause and

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foliation sometimes takes place in three or four days, and it is sometimes

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some authors state that women are more easily hypnotized than

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ledge and scientific qualities. Even the pretty sig-

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Tlie Clinical Features vary considerably, but neurasthenia

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she denied having been subject to either purging or vomiting.

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policy, which would have separated Massachusetts from the Medical Union