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of cade, with 4 per cent, of carbolic acid incorporated with it, be rubbed

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equate to care for the sick, who die faster than the

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After all, the practice of medicine is ultimately the practical appli-

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the head " Dropsy," we find twenty or more different

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so many little worlds, each living for itself, and never joining with the

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no loss of consciousness. Seizures both nocturnal and diurnal. On patient's

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independently in the same year Button and Todd, working in the

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periences. Until the average frequency of hallucinations in the community is

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the savage, is improvident and wasteful. When he has

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edge, which can only be acquired by a study of the laws gov-

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mond, 1895-6, xxii, 183-187— Thayer (W.S.) An address

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According to some observers, the form of infantile hemiplegia character-

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great number of years, I am absolutely delighted v,'ith the examples he has

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Seven cases of diphtheria were admitted to hospital, 5 were

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disease; and (iv.) the alternating paralysis of the eyes and face.

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Fig. 44. — Scheme of trypanosoma, with nomenclature.

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they have been employed, with cases in which the disease has been let alone.

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tema, and which have resulted in overturning the theory

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this exception, that they have not taken any notice of their ad-

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chlorid, the alkaloid of ipecac, has been advocated in pyor-

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is cool and diy ; the pulse small and imperceptible ; finally, the diild

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may be very advanced. There is marked loss of the calcium salts. With

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the prisoners. Dr. Mouat had charge of all the prisons in

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the best, thus prepared. Take up the roots in September,

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all the physicians of the area served by the hospital. The

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of mind possessed by this remarkable English physician,

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too close proximity to the foul breath so frequently ac-

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applying escharotics, the general condition of the patient should

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The cranium is large in proportion to the face and is