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ple calculi, and it was one of very puzzling character.

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and Vice-President of the Board of Directors. He was

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Among a total of 2682 persons inoculated at the Pasteur Institute,

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an invariably fatal sign. In these cases the pulse is a very rapid one, and

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had advanced. Upon this being done, the Os Tmcse was found

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mitted. Dr. Tristram, for the defendant, moved that the

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Commons on Thursday week, in reply to a question from

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tain clinical signs are definitely diagnostic of cancer when present,

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one little factor in the great and complex chemical

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of occurring without collapse of. the lung, and the latter, as well as

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and diverse arthralgias. These neuralgias often persist into con-

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Nystagmus in Connection with Diseases of the Ear. By Charles J.

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prosperous state ; and quoted Dr Monro, the great Edinburgh Pro-

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Duration of Intubation of Diphtheria Patients Before and

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from each tube and tested with iodine with the following results:

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Both these methods were, therefore, carefully tested in order to deter-

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date of the testimonial banquet to Dr. Gregory has been

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during the operation, place it back in the solution, and not down

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On January 1st, 1863, 1 was sent for to see Mrs. C. (a

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living beings, and, as we ascend upwards in the scale, tracing the modifications

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disease. If I meet with further success in this direction I

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of time. The ulcerations and serious consequences that followed its use

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centration of the medium to such a degree that the growth of the

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than forty years ago in gynaecological work, and by