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of Dr. Hunter, and that they be published in the " New York Medicid
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cooler months than January and February. They have an exceedingly
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The clinical history of leucocythfemia from the beginning to the end of the
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rise to a considerable extravasation of blood, tumefaction, and stiffness of tho
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discharge of watery fluid, but the cervix was not affected. The
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vulsive attacks recurred frequentlj^, so that she probably had
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Btructure, and thus is very liable to give rise to post-
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Peronin. — Dr. Meltzer concludes that (1) this remedy (benzyl-
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with the exception of occasional slight pairs. In the early part of August, a
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occur. Silent and steady changes may take place in the
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tween this kind of amenorrhcea and that we have previously described,
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deal of air into and through the large tubes, larynx, and
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ENGLISH Field Kitchens fob Preparing Food for Soldiers.
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Xew, or abnormal sounds, never heard during health.
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Trypanosoma lewisi outside the Veiiebrate Host," ibid., iii,
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patient Department. The instruction at this Hospital is specially intended for :—(!,) Medical
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becomes exceedingly weak, sallow, and emaciated. There is high fever, with
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although a whole year or five years might be required to get
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as a stone if his sympathies were not aroused in their favor.
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GAL Record) as being more satisfactory and less apt to