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manently dislocated. If she has remained for a long time on

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in the treatment of varicose veins and ulcers. My own expe-

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1. Hysterical astasia-abasia dependent 'upon the subconscious idea imply-

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seat of the embolus, the blood stagnates in the vessels ; there is a passive

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Kiel ; Surgeon to the University Hospital, Kiel, and

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the result may be really due to the presence of some converted starch.

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finally merges into a condition of unconsciousness.

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a skiagram of which is shown. That the position of the heart

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objectionable on account of its coagulating albumen.'

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much less active in an acid medium (as shown in cul-

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the greatest death rate in the fifth, namely, 27.7 per cent. There were

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of disease is almost universal. There is hardly a disease

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limits. The incision renders the part more accessible

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•"Ein Beitrag zur Anatomic der Weiblichen Harnrohre," a Fest-

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derable degree of inflammation, relief is frequently obtained by

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President, the Editor, and the Jijuunal of the Association. It is

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thus fit him for a life of reasonable activity and strain.

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of the operation is shortened, while at the same time

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groups that in the normal state their action is not apparent.