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been brought to bear upon a question of therapeutics.
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Mr. White Cooper enumerates the following structural
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ing hurried ; is constantly tossing himseK from one side of the bed to
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treatment of such cases, and between recurrent attacks,
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prises m now any man with any knowledge of the penetrating
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that it contained arsenic on the average in some 66
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to the medical schools which may be aided by the Foundation. Aid
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the external border of Poupart's ligament should then be
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I were operating upon a mangled limb where I was doubtful as
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lows: A thick portion of a rib piece, free from lean, is se-
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retention. Farrant 14 in a recent paper reports increased appetite and
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niece drank of the same and also took cholera, but re-
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inflammation of the lungs, 68 ; inflammation of the brain., 60 ; congestion
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Personal Pkophylaxis.— Personal prophylaxis consists in wearing
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patient is in relatively good condition, but sooner or later marked
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harmless, for it might destroy the life of small animals. Its
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and the disease osteomalacia is supposed to be due to some disordered
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Byrne : Transactions of tbe Am. Gyn. Soc. 11, p. 57.
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2. Granular Tubercles, or Miliary Granulations, - - 478
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periarticular tissues (ailerons, reserve extensor appar-
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The true cestodes are easily i-ecognized by their band-like segmented body,
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deranging the regular action of the uterus, very probably give
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fleshy pedicle on the right side in the region of the
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*Read before the Racine County Medical Society, Oct. 18, 1000.