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that it reacts to stimulation by gelation or jellying; that this is

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are trimethylamins [(0113)3]^^]. It was Brieger who pointed out that

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Committee, by the Boston Medical and Sukgical Jocbsal So-

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sine qua non not only for the successful results of

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that the manner of needling the lens is of very great im-

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intents and purposes admitted that this assurance had been given ;

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severity of the condition and the necessity for surgical

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and in whom the disease was in the antei'ior lobe of the right hemisphere.

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cyst wall were so intimately connected. It would not

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terize an act of homicidal monomania, while premeditation, precaution, and

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new union into ordinary scar tissue with a tendency to

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London Surgical Home, 2 p.m. — Royal Orthopaedic,

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rom our knowledge of the fat content of the specimen. Now, the

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fi>rtv-t\vo years of age. 1 found liiin walking: about the room, greatly

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reports a case of interstitial pregnancy in a woman aged 25,

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is still employed oftener than it ought to be. In the advanced

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The title '■ Symmetrical Gangrene " is utilized in the

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highly inflamed, its mucous membrane red and rough. At com-

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c.c. ; when the type is more severe, with 40 c.c. of the

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The question is. How can a constant result — viz.,

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organ to the so-called vegetative or unconscious proc-

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referred to psychiatry as no longer to be entered " through the

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in a situation to be most readily injured in the performance of their

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includes a conversazione at the college ; demonstrations in

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eight hours, in consequence of tumefaction of the edges

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hearing from Dr. Thin that such results had been obtained.

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anemia due to folate deficiency: pregnancy at term and during the nursing period; Infants less than tvro

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powers granted by the Notification Act our sanitary autho-

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freely from it when it is cut open. It is, in general, large,

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Dr. H. D'Arcy Power, Dr. B. J. O'Neill, Dr. C. G. Stivers. Dr.

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Mercer County. — The District Medical Society for the County of Mer-

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Bathing the affected parts in strong Saleratus water has been known

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It is understood, too, that the President has in contempla-

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four deaths. Laparotomy was performed in three cases ; all recovered.

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fif a pneumonia, had marked dullness upon percussion, with

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canal* and the canaliculi of the dentine rendered an-

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very thoroughly, and is again frozen. It is perfectly possible that a

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