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of admission, 1,245 85. This was undoubtedly the result of

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nomena, while in the latter the bile is not septic, so that when it enters

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" A similar destruction of the skin ensues in scarlet fever,

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lose it again during the next season. This continues for

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aminer of recruits in that city, relieving Robinson, Samuel

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sanguinis is exuded in considerable quantity, separating the serous layers

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teeth. It is whilst dipping the matches that exposure to the fume

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bladder, the first call having to be attended to immediately precipitate

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throughout. We must attribute this unconsciousness to direct action

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In the treatment of diseases involving danger to life, the mode of dying

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larity. Treatment : Digitalis or one of its substitutes. Quinidine sul-

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A woman, forty years of age, who had been kicked in the loin by a horse, was taken

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The increase in the general mortalit}' during the influenza epidemic

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fair degree of improvement in physical condition, habits, and speech was

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therapist lor Easter Seals, Joan’s average day might

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Mr. Adams, of London, said : " I believe coxalgia has a traumatic origin, and

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fever within fifty hours. Since that time my energies have been taxed

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violent inflammation began within twenty-four hours an4

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there are almost always signs of temporary irritation of the entire

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Harrodsburg, whose official seal bears a hero's name. The Kentucky

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importation into the country. Wholesome as these measures

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man to deprive the patient of them. In cases of this kind it would be the

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In differential counting all that is required is to ascertain the proportion

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are so difficult to penetrate that they should be broken up by stirring.

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ing one or two acupressure needles in the attempt to pass them through

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trust. As Victor Cohn of the Washington Post puts it: “If

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they must tap the spring higher up, and establish a Medical

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cli^emic enlargement. Similar extra-visceral bruits have