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and for simple observation and simpler treatment, as
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police authorities of Berlin have ordered that every phy-
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A Hospital's Doctors Resign.— The medical and sur-
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this indicates mitral incompetency. The concomitant symptoms fully
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phy of structures from the pressure of masses of tophus is another effect.
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for the local treatment of incipient phthisis. With
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alcoholic cirrhosis in 196425. Both patient and donor red
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The Upper Third of the Calf (seat of election). — Amputation is often
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27, 12 M. — No movement in night, two to-day. Light yellow. Thicker.
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rhage. Two hours later she was resting comfortably.
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call the Medical Society of Delaware, (302) 658-7596, before September 20.
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When the lung is cut, hardly any fluid escapes; but a small quan-
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100° F., and rapidly sank to normal. After an interval of two
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At llii- -t.iL'i' llir )Mliriil in.u liic, or lir m.iv -ur',i\r Ii.iil; rii.iu<jli lo -\it\
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there will be little to choose for the unfortunate but
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food expulsion. The mass of literature of a quarter
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nor suggest any improvement ; or, on the other hand,
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but one-sided, the body seeming not to have equal power on
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toneum produced by inflammatory products, with a con-
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been left out of serious consideration. The justification
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the " cerebro-spinal " form of the disease, separate " spinal " and " cerebral "
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were to be subjected to an examination highly unpalatable and
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days after he had made the exploratory incision the attend-
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milk in the meantime. But his father begged that taking any-
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months later he noticed his left leg getting stiff. The left
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Sometimes the delirium takes a more active character : it is wild, furious