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ultimate chemical nature these bodies are the same, and yet how

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'en daily is to be increased by two grains each week, imtil it

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lymphatics of the subcutaneous stratum ( Fig. 2 ) lOG

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36 Jones, Investigations on the Solids and Fluids of Animals. [July

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ard has a more tangible union with the trifacial nerve

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which are often obscure in soft bodies, become compara-

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a program of rehabilitation for many of the soldiers

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[35] Seelig. Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med., Leipz., 1895, liv, p. 537. A case of lymphatic

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the individual physician couldn’t possibly assume —

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Turkish bath to be taken at regular intervals, say once a week, the

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a certain drug for a specific disease and prescribe it

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form to the general standard, his right to individual citizenship is

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Hotel Arrangements has secured fifteen hundred rooms in

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perfectly justitial»le operatinu to remove what remain-

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note the wave of accusations, and warn that out-and-out

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danger ; and certainly, in any such case, the risk of chlo-

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his care of the sick, and it is no exaggeration to say that his chief

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Males are a little more frequently the subjects of the affection than

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Tauler (1290-1361), founder of mystic theology in Germany.

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In the series of 800 cases above referred to, the pulse-rate and mor-

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In ninety-six cases there was more or less injury to the

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Tf IQ npvor vprir ovf-^naiVp ^io. 9. Atrophy of the arms and muscles of the back and

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hospital the patient was prostrated, his temperature

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sequence from the obstruction to the outflow of the

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