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The advisability of adding alcohol to the solution is

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rational explanation, either in the hypothesis of a spe-

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that Billroth should say that no benefit has been de-

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famous work entitled " Researches on the Anatomy of the

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The packing of an abscess cavity with gauze, as now practised,

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Etiology. — The peritoneum is pecuHarly exposed to local and general

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We have adverted to the fact that the appearances emd progress of

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in— Abdominal Wall — Abdominal Cavity — Pelvic Cavity — Chest — Lower F.x-

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Tonsillitis. See Alumnol; Laryngology— Antipyrine

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puscles will remain constant. Under these given conditions

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of the fluid in a healthy human body is one-hundredth of a cubic centimetre.

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ver ; an analysis of clinical notes of forty-two cases

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Eye-Strain from Wearing Cylindrical Lenses. — Dr.