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tions appears to be proven. 5. Bromide of potassium

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of but amputation to save life. I proposed the plan

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and advanced slowly ; the persons were singularly exempt from apparent

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The prognosis is good if the condition be not overlooked.

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waj entirely ; this loss of nervous power was ushered in by convulsive movements, the voiding

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type is more clearly brought out. The relatively short and straight duct has

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diet, varied from 0.13 to 0.19 per cent., with an average of 0.15 per

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Skin and wash some eels, remove the heads and tails ; cut

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ment, owing to which the tracts affected cannot resist the strain

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the previous pains are not to be reckoned; but the duration

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In view of the facts above enumerated the following recommen-

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of the precipitate at higher temperatures. It is of grave prognostic signifi-

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violet color and a small root about an inch in length.

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be afiected in its nature by their morbid condition. The pro-

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poisoning the liver is seen to extend below the costal margin, its surface being

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cided hernia exists, and a truss is necessary to prevent its

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Conestron permits a more uniform rate of absorption and maintains an

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dilatation of the pupil of the eye. In fine, he des-

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Beautiful preparations were thus obtained in which even the nuclei were satisfac-

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yond all question. The vessels of the face become distended, and a

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book, dwelling more particularly upon the new chapters. By

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and since the Boer war endemic htematuria, from Bilharzia, has

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Thyroid extract has been used with apparent Ijenefit in some

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The process by which this can be done is known as Psycho-

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