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a few discrete grayish-white tubercles; otherwise the peritoneal cavity showed

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vnll not suggest other simpler and better means of attaining the

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This book, as its title implies, is intended solely for the

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the size of the pupils. Injected i >4 drachms of brandy.

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dispensable, but it is not close and directive inspection.

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I should be discouraged and possibly scornful, but I

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bread and butter. He had been too ill and weak to work regu-

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require this treatment would be beyond the scope of this

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looked upon it as a terrible and dangerous operation. As carried

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allowed to rise, removed to the stable, and there tied, so that

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it has operated is entirely too short a time to give

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Brundage, A. H., 609 Madison St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Origi-

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convalescence, support, and clothing. Then, by tak-

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this, we have disposition to vertigo, fainting-fits or paroxysms resembling

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importance at the time of operating. In this pecuUar form of atrophy,

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Society of Mercer to Dr. McClintock, was a legal notice of trial.

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monary tuberculosis, and is limited to the tubes in proximity to the seat

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two types of Bacillus coli were isolated — one very resistant (Strain

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sugar into the urine by fear and worry. Students at exami'

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and was accompanied by much itching. About three weeks ago

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those of the active form, and the duration is only limited by that of

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PEAU, Professor of Surgical Clinique, etc. etc. Carefully revised, entirely

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the aucopsv we found nothing but congestion of the liver; in

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before encountered in, almost every case of operation ; now and then,

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It is now well known to physiologists that the albuminous

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through many fibres, whence its effects become almost imperceptible.