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use the defective eye for all near point seeing and read-
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theory in the newspajiers, to account for a limited epidemic
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the patient is unable, by any effort of his will, to raise them. The
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walk very little, . . . out driving, and again out, etc.—
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the mode of operation intended to bring about the desired result,
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serving of attention in many points of view, that I am induced
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tight muslin drawer without an opening at the genital parts.
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unarmed and as unfitted for the strife, as the soldier •
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general medication, except to state that heroin will probably be useful
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system probably has some influence and may compensate to some extent for
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phrases may be considered to be synonymous. We may illustrate
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out of the blood for complement-deviation for various organisms
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Later polymorphous rashes, corona veneris, alopecia, irregular fever, and
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Fig. 308. — Mr, N. H. Age fifty-two. Transient auricular fibrillation
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gesics — antipyrin, acetanilid, phenacetin, etc.,
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has occurred in the course of a few weeks, and t«he liver was of normal size.
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Lateral pharyngotomy was performed, and the patient died
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looked : indeed it is sure to escape observation if it be not espe-
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When dilate Hydrocyanic Acid was added to the water in which the young shoots of rice
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;■;;'•", ''"■'•-'■''-^ ''-'nu -,,„..,„. uin ,.,.,.,„ ,1,,. n.,.,u,-...i,,..
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tion of the coagulation of milk by rennin. This author is inclined
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whole progress of the affection so like that of a specific disease, that there
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fever patient are undoubtedly infectious. It therefore follows that in
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1. Smithson, A. E., . . 5302 6. Jackson, R. W. H., . . 5008
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near this cavity furnish abundant material for several special-