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which are caused by a specific poison, for example scarlatina, and the

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became semistuporous during the last week, and died.

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thrown upon it. When beginning the inhalation of ether,

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Health Professional, $220; AAP Fellow, $300; Nonmem-

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occasioned by spasm of the spinal vessels, it is quite conceiva-

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Dr. Martin L. Stevens, Asheville, N. C, fluences to their aid. The manufacturing

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43. HarlanJM: Leukocyte-endothelial interactions. Blood 1985; 65:513-525

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her physician, but I have heard nothing further of the

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prolongs life and makes the patient more comfortable, but does

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fever patient are undoubtedly infectious. It therefore follows that in

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cases of the disease, according to text books, do not get

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" exciting cause " of the disease. But, on further consideration, it appears

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amaurosis, while the fever had disappeared. An ophthalmoscopic

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pulse is very weak. It is essential that the patient should

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hush money — ^rather suffer blackmail than suffer the unde-

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its republication here cannot fail to exert a positive

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this question: Would they like their child in the room with such a person for four or

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Colonel whilst Officer in Charge, Red Cross Hospital, Bella-

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ceived without subsUntive evidence. We regard the assertion,

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has no connection with changes in the systolic blood

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work done by each conductor furnish a basis for action by the

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' before the Northwestern Medical and Surgical Society

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hours and awoke refreshed, after a dose of the syrup of

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