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third week. Bacteriological examination of the nasal cavities showed that

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aggerated, at least in the application of these results to man. He observed

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of their diseases ; and it is probably in this view-

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or by turpentine — i. e., it does not act as water simply, or as a

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on earth will get him by without drink. There are a

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known authorities. With an Appendix containing Posological Table,

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albinos with red hair. Albinos are generally poorly built, weak and

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had considerably decreased in all hospitals in which it had been

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tion from the wound has taken place, the parts are to be

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are always threatened by a new attack, since the lesions which origi-

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For the purpose of comparison, we visited the female out-

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pus. After a few hours a violent hemorrhage from the

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After the subject had been thoroughly discussed a circular

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but because it is a laxative ; and he urges that the Eng-

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century, and much that is known today has been learned

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the patient is in danger. On the other hand, when it remains equal

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under Dr. Cairns' management. Among the grateful results which

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Semon's law. though it was ji matter ol great interest. 'I'here were

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a stand-still, and even medical service is sometimes unable to render

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other preservatives upon food, began the second experiment of

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housewife, and relieving him of all household cares, allowed him to

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combinations of chemotherapy and irradiation. Many of the