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great work on physiology ; and we are conscious that

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of the newly-made mother. Recollect, those among you who

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Spondylitis Deformans. This is sometimes termed "poker-spine, poker-

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a large proportion of cases death is due to some intercurrent affection. If

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off so gradually, as to bring about perfect contraction of the organ, and

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health is restored in about two weeks from the beginning of the attack.

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vals. Finally, nocturnal enuresis is that variety which is so common in younij.

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been called, but which will doubtless bear further study, and may account for some

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to 1878) 6.6% of all the deaths. The mortality varies, however, in

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But our surprise ceases when we consider that each of the segments of the vein,

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Holmes, that a legitimate difference of opinion should exist regard-

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costomy. In this instance I had to ligate and divide portion of

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Dr. Harrison said that he thought Dr. Delphey had been very

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the hands before beginning work, and to be particular after each

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tention to it and the immediate cause of death points to

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sees the colour that characterises the face in ordinary lobar

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design and raise funds for a “radiological car.” Eve Curie

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Dr. JUyari) Holmes, of Chicago, discussing Dr. Cordier's

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Description. — Osteomalacia commences with pains in the vertebral

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rationale of its action therapeutically, that chemical action

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perforated. The parts were carefull}" sponged clean and the

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to the idea that the tumour had originated in an hematocele of the

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available supply of the base depot, as far as the table fixing the

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affection must be present to account for the manifestations, the most

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The injury which the disease inflicts, and which is so ap-

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and died the next day a martyr to the cause of humanity." One temporary

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ages, of which number 498, or 1 in 174, were classed as

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fava and Celli's demonstration of the same for the quotidian para-

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quires him to cease. Now and then he has a nocturnal emission, attended

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provement. The hot applications were now used for fifteen

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ture was normal, pulse 88. His pulse this evening is 74, and his con-