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Deriphyllin Injection Dose

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Tonsillitis. See Alumnol; Laryngology— Antipyrine

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this plan of treatment Dr. Thistle had never had a sin-

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pneumobacillus (see below). No liquefaction takes place. Upon

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ness or onchocerciasis (caused by a filarial worm), for example,

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RENCE" basis, or on a "MODIFIED" CLAIMS MADE basis.

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such cases nephrotomy affords the only possibility of relief, if the attacks of

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the various secretions and exudations have been studied ;

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account that in so many of the cases where laparotomy is

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proper to observe, that there is some danger of leav-

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Streptococcus pyogenes, Bacillus pyocyaneus, and the pneumococcus.

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a ferocious animal, which led some of the ancients to carry the idea so

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not allow them to do their duty, and began to riot, which

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Education. The institutions and functions listed here qualify for

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doubt, then is it also true that the " homoeopathic

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Die Stiukdriisen der Forfieuliden. Arch. f. niikr. Anat.,

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The class ChHopoda includes the Scolopendridie, or centipedes,

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and hoped that the rising generation would not be allowed

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with ice, even in the summer. The district attorney has insti-

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Hawaii Medical Association— 1360 S Beretania, Ho-