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season lead to much thickening of the skin and deformity.

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great irritation of the kidneys. Death ensues from heart failure.

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T. Rattray, Portobello ; Mr. C. Roberts, London ; Mr. E. Rouse, Bidc-

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Academy of Medicine, on the "Nature and Treatment of Puerperal or

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onic life. What its fimctions are, however, is quite undetermined.

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done in his case. If one could know that the ulceration had

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pericarditis for nearly an hour, so that each of his students might suc-

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Section .s of the Act provides that *' if any person to whom an oath is

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that the requisite authority was granted to the Committee by

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muscles sets in early in the case of the median nerve from

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due to hN-pertrophy of the th>Tnus gland pressing from its position upon

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There is a well managed hotel (Hotel Grobner) where the.

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Tuberculous Lymphatic Glands. β€” For a long time scrofula and

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There was some rather diffused sWHlling in the region of the

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among the guests were Dr. Withers Moore, President of the

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Heath's Dictionary of Surgery. He edited the last two editions

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weeks after the subsidence of the disease, which is to be explained by

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will be held in the Station Hotel, Stirling, on Thursday, June 2ind, at

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summer session, and had scarcely taken a day's rest for more

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other, who could utter no words, but still could sing them; another, a

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well as the ganglion cells in the gray matter of the cord, share in the

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Vaginifmus Obstructing La/joiir.β€”On February 11th, 1893, I