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impossible to arouse him at all, or to elicit the slightest sign of
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Duuglison's Dictionary of Medical Science — Notice of 143
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the House of Commons, and of every public body, that where
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decreased fremitus midright scapula downward, increased above.
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nature to members of the medical profession. No man is bound to reply to
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by an abundant discharge, and by the absence of pus-
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It is not clear that this would be compensated by an equiva-
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diac failure as the chief cause of the derangement. In not a few of these last-
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Courier of Medicine convinces me that most cornea, no special line of treatment seems to
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The injection of tetanus toxin into the posterior root of the spinal
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may extend from the pericardium to the tissue of the
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As to tlie technique of this operation I have modified it somewhat
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etc. 6. Sea voyages. The average of winters passed abroad by
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severed tendons in the hand or wrist. I repaired extensive
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government, this shortage is caused both by lack of foods that may be
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final report. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 1990; 18:321-4.
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Sanitary Officer may be accepted instead of one from a Medical
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will not be allowed to count in favour of the candidate who luis qualilied in
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rubbed in over the affected part twice daily till a cure
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all available sources to show the extent in the United States
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secretary, J. B. Alcorn ; treasurer, W. E. Howell ; censors, E. W.
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she came into the hospital, and on examination it was
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Medical Society, said that the State could stop marriage of the
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of the disease. The appetite may be more or less impaired, but is not
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epileptic fit is due to the loss of the cell-controlling center. Dr. Ohlmacher, of
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long rod, curved near the end and hollow^ed to carr}" a cord attached
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may occur Avithout associated disease and with but slight blood changes, and
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remedy as old as Galen, probably older, and which has
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aspect, witli a ei-ntral depression, occupied the lesser curvature of
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at 110° may be followed by death. In the injections the mitiga-
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upper part of the body are immediately seized with more or less violent oscil-
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would show a different view upon the part of the English judge : —
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a case of great interest, that one is justified in speaking of it either as
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