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and gangrene had reached to the upper part of the arm, close

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Footnotes, bibliographies, and legends for illustrations

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Now, from this, his doctrine must be that it increases muscular

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analgesics and sedative-hypnotics in hospitalized obstetrical and gynecological pa-

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horse, and, his feet slipping to the left, he had fallen upon his

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Because of the research mission of the Clinical Center, the role of its Nutri-

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those which have a dyscrasic origin, and which accom-

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been other operations done; for instance, the LaGrange opera-

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furred or frosted, but it is oftener covered with a coating more or less thick,

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varies from fifteen to forty years. The histological variety of the growth is

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some of the clots in the abdomen. The patient had died of

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Felix M. Vergara, Jr., M.D., a graduate of the University of the East,

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probably be admitted by all. As to the influence exerted

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lable as the particle of contagium containe<l in the

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disease; and that there is always an effort made in this

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Quantitative and Qualitative Changes in the Island of Langerhans in

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never been able to eat meat of any kind, in fact he was as

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would interefere with the formation of the clot. Such is not the case. This question

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complete. The diet, in quantity and quality, should be adapted to the

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of the Homoeopathic Journal, and, we believe, by all other