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August, 114, and the number of deaths were seven ; but, of that 114, 34

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shorter or longer duration, a change in the constitution

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and fifty per cent, for the maternal and foetal death-rate,

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fairly tried with her. This was done four times a day for two

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per year) is included in dues. Non-members may subscribe

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chancre, and lupus. The location, history, number gf lesions,

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when stimulated by faradism or galvanism, contracting and

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but of malaria from paludal conditions he was inclined

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being made up of dirty, greyish-brown pasty material, caseous

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with acute sycosis mentagra, that had been developing

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may be a marked reduction in size after intestinal hemorrhage. As

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a curious spastic gait is produced that closely simulates that of spinal sclerosis.

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to Dr. E. H. Gregory, who for fifty years has been an

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commonly, but by no means universally. These may be the curliest

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shape to this, in great part, pseudo-philosophy of nature,

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cava through the ductus venosus. In the inferior vena

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vascularity. They were softened, their cortical substance diminished, pyramids

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that the excessive use of alcohol and tobacco affects

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eight days. Autopsy revealed the organs of a healthy

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of us regular orators slip in, too. If I could extend a welcome at all

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begun to lose ground to some of our existing and potential

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Finzi states that the cure of rodent ulcer when it can be

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or pleasure from the perusal of this work, nor arc we even im-

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well, and let London know that he had done so, and London in

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Northwestern University Woman's Medical School, and all

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of epilepsy from one of apoplexy, and on which Trousseau has laid special

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It is evident that the principal business of a depart-

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berculose. Gesellschaft far Natur und TIeilhunde., Dresden,

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Causation. — Chronic interstitial nephritis is more common in men

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