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and fatal procedure. Thus, at last, an operation has

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for the continuous current in promoting the absorption

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apparatus, in the kidney itself or in the urinary tract, and even outside the body

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the previous attempt had made the head less prominent, and

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perty of stimulating the liver has a substantial basis,

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a very slender micro-organism for which they propose

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men, and the timety use of the lancet and aperients, which had in

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desirable that. there should be no confusion as to the cause of the nervousness

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noying pain and tenesmus which before was obstinate.

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ventricle, 27 or 17.5 per cent of the left ventricle, and 40 or 25.9

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the power to determine what a legally qualified practitioner shall be. With a

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External Ophthalmoplegia is the term applied to more

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ing of the ulcer is concerned, but the old ulcers sometimes break

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On admission he was found to be a strumous boy, of light complexion, and

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University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Newington Children’s Hospital

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the parts around inflamed. It is important to bear in mind that Euppura-

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not accurately correspond to the points of greatest pressure, — if, moreover, the

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than ataxia : first, a disproportionate fatigue after exoi'cisc, which is an

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Complications and Sequels. — The visceral complications are due to

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In April, 1849, cholera reappeared in the public stores at the quarantine

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termined by neutralization tests to pei-sist in the

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interval — unless there be serious pelvic disease — she should be encouraged

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sunlight, it appears that lesions are produced which are

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had three children. The two youngest died either in the birth or soon af-

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sewage. The effluent at the Paris farm at Gennevilliers

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case. A woman may have inflammation of the skin, of the

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It is not yet determined how long the larval trichinae retain

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drunkard attacked illustrates the latter part of it.

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oppressive, but that was after the epidemic had established itself,

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to their surface, there is do doubt at all that contractility lingers in-

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ing areas. On the right side of the neck was a tumor