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whether parotid or submaxillary, take any part in this affection. The in-

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diary of Henry, Earl of Clarendon, there is a memorandum,

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Relt northwards begins some time after the first date, and ends

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The arrangement of the nerve-fibres described in the last

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to some extent promote absorption. When the veins are

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no greater than that upon incision of the os and cervix. The statistics of

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taining twenty grains of anhydrous chloride, finely powdered, dissolved,

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elections; therefore, some commissions will not in-

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tutes a serious problem worthy the attention of the best minds

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of the limbs, it may be necessary, under an anaesthetic, to break down

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Double Ethmoidal Mucocele. By A. S. Cobblebick, M.D. ...

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abdomen often becomes greatly distended ; the pulse is exceed-

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lent operation, the expectation of which has induced so many to avoid

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gates to see that every item in the Booz, Allen and

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and Senator estimated it in cases of so-called " splenomegalic poly-

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the reaction time is shorter in health than in sickness, and

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or mental excitement, undue muscular exertion, vomiting, strain-

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sue, or was retracted and sclerosed, it was then difficult

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X The reader's attention is requested to the works of Drs, Gran-

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Blood plasma is composed of blood serum and fibrin.

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Child. By A. K. Gardner, A.M., M.D. Revised ed. New York :

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or whalebone in front too broad, so as to press upon them, but this

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1868 Bright, George Chaeles, M.U., Cannes, Alpes Maritinies, France.

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we translate too literally without entering well into the spirit

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An allied condition is hemihjrpertrophy of the face. This is an exceedingly

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and its contents are based upon the study of about six hundred cases of

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