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that there is no doubt that all cases of chronic bacillary dysentery

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On being examined in the ward, he was found lying upon his

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the good of the mass for the profit of the individual.

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danger of infection through haste and carelessness, and numer-

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proof has yet been given that any disease similar to human

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under the same conditions. We owe the study of this reaction as a

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muscle at first gently, later deeply. If child resists throat treat-

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call it except asthenopia, or its synonym hebetudo, I am at a loss to

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portion of the biologically unfit, a fact which must fill us with

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ment of snake-bites, says : " Without proper aid such cases generally

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have several times rallied our antivivisectionist friends

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Of the menstruating women, 26, or 13.6%, were found

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solution is obtained by dissolving 12.7 gm. of iodin and 20 gm. of potassium iodid

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and Dr. Hubert Boberts, thought it a pity that the discussion was not

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