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glands to the chyle which passes through them. Chyle corpuscles
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be contracted, the light dilated. Sees whatever object he has been looking at
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but it seems to us that the time has come when they
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By J. J. Phillips, M.D., Assistant Obstetric Physician to Guy's
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skin of the back of the hand, but made no wound. Lastly, a point
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the peritoneum is a serious disease accompanied with pain and swelling
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rigor, or a sensation of shivering, is a very general early symptom,
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auditoiy meatus on both sides, accompanied by increased temperature. The
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fretjuently ran about the ward without giving any sign of ataxy of the legs. He
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of which he is curator, and the Library of the Surgeon-
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friction of the skin, a nutritious diet, rest, change of scene and rec-
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A atude-at, Guijs.— The statement is much exaggerated, as on inquiry
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incision, extending from the umbilicus to the pubes. The
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phantom CT contour line and the real time digitized contour line, the inadequate selection
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The bacterutn colt commune^ for instance, is an acid-
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diffen'nce are observable, which separate this organism from the Bacillus
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which has escaped by way of an opening into the mediastinum, an inter-
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of any kind. The disease seemed to be progressing, for, although the
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spinal cord, probably on account of its vibratory or
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t"current tobacco user" was defined as cigarette smoker, smokeless tobacco user, or both,
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M.R.C.S.Eng. ; Physician to St. Mary's Training College,
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dence in favor of corn meal, judging purely from the basis of feed
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parts that have simply been emptied of their blood, without be-
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he District of Columbia. With this in view, routine chemical anal-
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The only other A^ariety of compression-paraplegia in Avhich recovery of
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Among the uterine infections by the gas bacillus are men-
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structures. The cutaneous or muco-cutaneous surfaces
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quixe no detaOed description. Blood flows from both, or (as is more
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must be capable of inheriting the estate, for if lands
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Pacific Coast and the Straits of De Fuca, Puget's Sound, and Canal
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