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septic wound. In 30 cases in the Bouen area in which ex-

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before slaughter, or it may be contaminated post mortem from soiled

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of the present chapter, is closely allied to croup of the larynx and air-

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2 ounces of Sulphate of Iron to a gallon of water. Also use

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Fall voD einseitiger Eiblindung und Di;ibeti s mellitus

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or other serious attack. But such fears are entirely

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corded by Dr. J. A. Austin in The Lancet of October 24,

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century had no prescience, have proved the existence of these material lesions in

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nine months. The uniform progress of the disease may be interrupted by

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might be discussed are: the place of surgery in the medical school

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large portion of our year b far above what occurs in Eng-

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He had noticed it to be greatest upon the left side and most marked

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Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1978

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out, and the general symptoms indicate the formation of pus, then

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ferent course. In the vicinity of the peritonitis the percussion gradu-

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in any media introduced into the body from without.

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only one hot bath a week. This you should take at night, just

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was nearly two years ago, and perhaps he had changed

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Complications and Sequels. — The visceral complications are due to

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for secret societies and also examinations at nominal rates for admis-

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not content with the profits of his own business, he will

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resort. In brief, if we except leprosy, for the time being, tuberculin

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then dipped in bismuth or kaolin, and carried as far as the

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Engraving by William Hogarth (English, 1697 1764) from the series A Rake's Progress, London,

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fessor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Polyclinic Hospital; Clinical Professor

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illness, and has begun his course of lectures in the

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pathology of cholera than any of the others which have been advanced.

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cerebral cong:estion present themselves late in the paroxysm, whereas loss

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n. s., ii, 122- 151. AZ.SO, Reprint.— Zelieniler (W.) Die

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less marked. Transfusion to a certain extent (saline in-

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spread and propagation of infectious diseases, a few

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twenty years old, who suffered from headache, fever, and anorexia for a

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April 7, 1898. Emaciated; extreme pallor; dyspnoea, and

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rather recognition of Hilton's law: A case of Herpes Zoster

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Royal College oFpHY-siciANS.Sp.m. Ooulstonian Lectures — Dr.HensIey,

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