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them by Dr. Watson, and he trusted that gentleman Avould

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ini^. Diseased raw and partially cooked meat have also been eaten with di'^ii-

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or uterine disease. Another form of Graves' disease has

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thickness, and consequently in power; or one or more of its outlets

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teria medica for these affections, is an infusion of

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is the most brilliant and often the one most easily ac-

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tained by the medical philosophers here, as to the accuracy

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1883-1884, 23; 1884-1885, 35; 1885-1886, 41; 1886-1887, 30; 1887-

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The writer wishes not to be understood as alluding here to

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A Medical Bnilding. — A project is on foot to erect a

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_ Children afford not unfrequent instances of another question in

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mune, while the peripheral lying parts, furnished with ornamental

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form the hemorrhage has previously ceased. It is exceptional that

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Lumbar puncture. — Our experience has shown that lumbar

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and in the eleventh century promoted to the papal chair

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On cut section the tumor mass presented a pale grayish

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permanent. Of course, if any complicating condition exists which

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Medical School and Hospital. It will be noticed that Dr.

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York .and the vicinity than are often to be seen, and, in the next

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of the finger at the third cervical vertebra, his eyes would

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anomalies of the digestive function of the stomach, which are not possible to demon-

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tion of three to the acre, a maximum elevation of 301

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other evidence of any affection of the heart. He was comforted by Dr.

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stand-by, and it was perhaps a rule to give it; but he had never

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F.R.G.S. 153 pp. London: Regan, Paul, Trench & Co.

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be referred, usually to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at

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the region, was begun by Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart

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that experienced in several similar attacks which occurred

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somewhat damaged mitral valve, allomng of a small amount