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1882 White, Edwin Francis, Westlands, 280, Upper Bichuiond Koad,
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Several physicians and medical students have died too, but the majority
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dependent on cerebral atheroma. When a patient shows at the same time
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earlier one. His face had simply enlarged. The con-
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medical adviser is called upon to consider in detail the circumstances under'
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into the lower part of the trachea. At the second attempt it was
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particularly by the report of cases that have shown the features
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grains are divided into ten powders, and one given every hour. For older
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larging, in some instances, the seat of injury, or the necessity of a new
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Dr. Ronald J. Elin vas appointed chief of the Clinical Pathology Department
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severe, bilateral, accompanied by fever, and intractable. A
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taking full account of its imperfection, the test is the
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was exactly the same as that of Mrs. D. On examination, the same
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which the flap is to be taken must be thoroughly cleansed, all antisep-
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consultation, and too proud to ask it for nothing, tell him to
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was made in return for a substantial fee, can it be assumed for a moment
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aggregate population of more than 600,000 persons (selected
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The modern practice in this respect may be summed up in
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The bowels are generally disordered, being either constipated or
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bone, which were loose, from the skull wound. The wound is
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peutics in the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.
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beginning, occupying but a minute portion of the red cell, as it continues
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In the treatment of one of the cases reported above it will be recol-
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number of passengers were determined for all observations falling in each
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value to the people, of witnessing an active effort on the
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It has been my usual custom when prescribing arsenic in psoriasis
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may say that when in a case of hernia signs of strangula-
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one grain; water, seven ounces. The injection should be used several times a
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hand, after the attack he will be found to have grown four or six-tenths of an inch.
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312x100 feet and six stories high. The loss will amount
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responsibility. The WMJ is indexed in Index Medicus, Hospital Literature Index and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
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back from the ends, and, therefore, have longer points. In-
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be allowed to die than asked to perform so distressing an act.
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son Medical College < f Philadelphia. Octavo. 1132 pages, with 131 engravings and ir
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show a considerable amount of hypersemia or hemorrhages, and the
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Dr. RICHARDSON'S COMPOUND ANAESTHETIC ETHER, for producing Local Anaesthesia.— Special Advantages :
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did not recur. Persistent sleeplessness and disturbed and rest-
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ber — Report of the Board of Works for Fulhani District — Catalogue of