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Emollient Cream Available In India

upon those frequencies so useful in chemical change, as in
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from dementia precox due to disease in only the one locality,
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use of spirits while under treatment in the hospital. The Lord Chief Baron,
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Kro here placed in comparison (p. 813). This shows the risk to which the
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the pathology of this interesting tumor. It is there-
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Edited by L. Bolton Bangs, M. D., Professor of Genito-Urinary Sur-
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and no amount of enlargement demonstrable. The somatic
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But if the pain be more severe, a clyster will be useful, and hot cataplasms ap-
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and quantitatively modified by the interposition of an air-containing
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mistakable success, although it is fair to assume that
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focus had been thoroughly dealt with (and this was confirmed at
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Newton and Wallace. (See Vaughan and Novy, loc. cit., p. 215.)
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paid, and to express again the pleasure it was to see tliis demonstra-
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usually nourished on milk, meat infusions or jellies, alcohol or
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cautery, which restrained the haemorrhage in great measure,
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our own reputation, as well as the conscientious determination to per-
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Epstein is a dermatologist at the Marshfield Clinic.
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would not have voted sixpence for it if the plans had been
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sometimes full in volume. The dyspnea may be aggravated by hydrothorax
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S. Wells's suggestion of bringing the cut edges together
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of permanent stenosis did bronchiectasis occur.' ' It seems evident,
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elections; therefore, some commissions will not in-
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be mentioned an acute dilatation of the right heart, per-
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strengthens, so that in from thirteen to twenty days it
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to kill the larvse; for this purpose the infected parts are douched with a
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ao-o cited the larynx as the situation where typical tubercle
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so alarming in its aspects, and so disastrous in its con-
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8. FuRSTNER. " Zur Pathologie u. pathologischen Anatomic der progressiven
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applicable to such as are attended with open or irritable ex=
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interest and profit, not only by nurses, but also by
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fever. The patient receives absolutely nothing else to drink but water,
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becomes more and more dizzy, until finally he drops