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Dafalgan Met Feldene

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belief that it is the first one recorded. Sporadic cases have
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together with the authoritative comment which will be
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necropsy, told me that in opening the abdomen h^* could not have told
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faces of the hardened lead and tin bullets of the Martini-
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purpose should act as midwives ; but in the event of legisla-
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the surgeon whom the plaintifi had consulted before the
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backache in the lumbar region. The headache and diarrhrea lasted two
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A.M. to 5 P.M. Memisers can have their letters addressed to
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Hankin '" has arrived at the conclusion that the alexines or
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human beings in drinking water, which may not contain more
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mortality from scarlet fever was ei|ual to 0.25 per 1,000, and was consider-
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suddenly imitated by a contest between rifle bullets and the
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of protectiveness between rotheln and measles ; may it pos-
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published in 1868,'^ and have been working at this subject at
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been upheld, but the Colonial Ministry, in pursuit of the
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Marcy, Boston. (N) Mr. S. W. North, York ; Mr. E. Nettleship, Lon-
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the statements wluch had previously passed current regard-
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moved altogether 12 centimetres of the intestine, havinc
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lar, without pain ; the period lasted three or four days. She
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force of 10 22.3; there was ouly one case of ihis disease; ten
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Dr. Fawcett read a paper on the peritoneal pouches (ileo-
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seasonal curve has a difierent meaning. The seasonal maxi-
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of unstable chemical reaction. This appears to be very
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various individuals to obtain witnesses and arrange their
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and Vulpian and Wurtz have been chosen as the godfathers
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which is illustrated with woodcuts of two new crematoria in
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plasm, and it has long been known that these can be detected
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measuring three-(|uarters of an inch across. Its edges were rounded, and
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are compounds of proteid and nucleic acid all ought to yield
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Medical Staff Coups.- The .Aberdeen I'niversity Company of the
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to say, but for the fact that by the construction of new under-
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The Paris 31,unicipality has celebrated the opening of the
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cluded by an Embolus, as the result of which gangrene of the
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larger submucous myoma in substance of wall; see also Fig la
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great majority of cases they were entirely at sea as to what
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only be administered by medical men experienced in the use of anses-