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neck, and chest, with a sponge or cloth, very often affords an almost miracu-

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marked hoarseness when the larynx is involved. More or less

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3. To allay motor excitement, diminish muscular action,

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one-tenth of a grain for a child a year old, and one-fifth of a grain for a

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terminates in septic infection, in septicaemia ; and

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On the fourteenth day, however, the pains returned. The second

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that previously to her illness she had used it freely as a beverage. On

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after the medicine was omitted the eruption begau to

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the operation was finished, an additional quantity of

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influences and effects of a sea voyage on them, may also repay

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owing to the fact that the muscles form the actual working machine, the

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the root of the tongue. When one chokes in swallowing because

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result might have been partly due to the direct toxic

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108. — Biagini (A.) I.siutomi e la diiignosl del tifo nei

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ment of the liver at its upper or lower aspect with recurrent chills, fever,

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of intestine has found its way into the space between the fundus and the

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tole, Auricular Fibrillation, and Stimulation of Vagus Nerve, Am. Jour. Physiol..

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Tlie case, taken in all its bearings, seemed, accord-

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tooth of the first dentition without other complications

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malaria. In acute cases some leukopenia is usual. This transi-

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courses of instruction given by the Accoucheurs des Hopitaux should

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supposed to exist between them. The important negative fact, that

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death. It mews that the qualities of his heart were equal

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the rate of beat quickened, the diastolic relaxation became progres-

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joints ; and their diagnosis, of wliicli alone I shall speak,

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tlie bulb was not covered by the lids for a long time,

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is accomplished by means of a pressure-bandage, and