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glottis, had been the cause, and that the separation of it had afforded

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Metschnikovii, B. pyocyaneus, bacillus of hog cholera, pneumococcus) yet

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vestigation seemed likely to be of value unless all three were dealt

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bubonic jjlague. They have buboes, and their organs contain immense

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entered the wounded area from the external surface, and in this where

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and Hardy. Phil. Trans. 1894. — 1.54. Kossel. Ze.itschr.f. Hygiene, xvi. 1894. — 155.

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tion of the ordinary distribution and balance of the blood.

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ankle clonus. The palsied limbs are sometimes painful. Recovery of

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, evidence of tbeir existence should be found during the contimiaDce of

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soft palate. But it is seldom that lymphadenitis precedes visible pellicles

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eventually it resumes its normal condition, but before doing so the circu-

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contagion. Asporogenous organisms, speaking generally, die sooner, or

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the first case the image was round, whereas in the last it was oval, con-

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the woman's face became covered with a cold sweat, the eyes were

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little shelter in winter, but the climate in summer is rather more dry and

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administration was followed by a period of quietude and relief from all

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Taking into consideration the shock the system sustained by the

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no hard and fast rule respecting its use. A pint of porter or bitter beer

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rightly viewed, are the strongest arguments in favor of these all-ioipor-

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febrile affections, though perhaps more frequently found in enteric fever.

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dominion of "chance," which, indeed, is but a word to express our igno-

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flve ounces of brandy, two-thirds of a bottle of port, and a pint of cham-

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Attempt to cultivate Parasitic Protozoa from Malignant Tumours, Vaccinia, Molluscum

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ferent and multiform phases of hysteria demand special attention in each

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rupture undergo the Wallerian degeneration, the white substance break-

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by him, the stomach was of a sienna color, and of such consistence as to

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scarlet fever, pneumonia, acute tuberculosis), and in some apyrexial dis-

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patient, as I have already said. The nurses should be able to lift the

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determine the nature of this peripheral mechanism : is it wholly under

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after injury, and in mxulticellular organisms the vitality of the indi-

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products of the bacillus pyocyaneous prevents the lethal effect of the

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is due to the unfavourable effect of the heightened temperature on the

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extent the peptones pass into the general circulation, and are excreted

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city ; the vaccine pustule formed, and went through iis usual stages.