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The work is illustrated by some excellent lithographic drawings

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Epidemics of scarlatina may be of a formidable type iu respect of an

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at the desire of the medical attendant on the deceased Mr. Wood of

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butable to no opium having been administered. See Delirium Tremens.

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termine in other words the relative values of knowledge.

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service which will bear favorable comparison with similar institutions

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statistical inquiry. The truth of this contention has been

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wound and an antiseptic dressing completed the operation.

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mations which exhibit this increased total volume and

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these I ventured on the generalization that the envelopes of all cells

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seemed to be uniformly practicable. A theoretical objection

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undergo this transformation in certain habitats or in peculiar animals.

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body for example by action of the gastric or intestinal secretions

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Vice versa we see again by an artificial increase of vascular

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turning largely to studies along chemotherapeutic lines. It would seem

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without waiting to see the effect. He learned afterwards that the bleeding had

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water proof fabrics. Oil of turpentine rendered pyrogenous by

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particularly in elderly or debilitated patients. Severe

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orrhagic peritonitis in from twelve to forty eight or

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