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Duphalac Side Effects

The discharge of pus or sanious matter, either with the blood or

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rather faintly staining and coarsely granular nucleoplasm.

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they can be "contained in an article" is too much for me.

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mass protruded from its orifice, which gradually reached the

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unit of the State Department of Social Security holds

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J. Mathews Duncan says: **Now, in the present great

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the face with his fist. I gave Stram. 3. He not only did not

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The acute symptoms all disappeared under treatment, and efforts were made

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but full knowlege as to its cause and variety will be of very great

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Virchow has sought to elevate this simple matter into pathological doc-

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Treatment. — Dover's powder 3 grains four times a

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made or badly fitted the case is worse. The blows sustained by

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from one or two wagons in a relatively small area, and could not

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simply causes a cerebral dyspepsia, and so wade for three years in a medical

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ceived all the patients who have applied except a few suffer-

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the cavity of the stomach had been entered. '1 here was

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quent accompaniments of excessive nervous excitement.

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it has all the appearances which we are accustomed to associate with

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f 3«nital organs, female, doubtful diagnosis in dis-

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united fracture of left patella ; result of fracture one year

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although the exact period of the entry could not be determined,

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than herself. Her brothers, between them, have twelve

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sixteen per cent, of starch and saccharine substances.

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materials. It is probable, as stated above, that both processes share in

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of these hypotheses applies to this case. But the persistent

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well-marked chill, which was followed by fever and sweat-

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the world ; for I have as great comfort in my own family, and from

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role in bringing on an attack as the nasal polypus does

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now (of which we doubt not), I hope we shall prevail with him to favour

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treatment of accidents and surgical diseases, and the diagnostic

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to be directly associated with the spread of the disease (see

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ican and to every collaborating brother of a noble profession now gath-

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the opening up of a possible infected uterus, but the danger from this is slight

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