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tion in the passage of the impulse of contraction through the heart or

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death. Too rapid action of the heart may necessitate the use of

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larities which disorder the regular tracings of mitral stenosis. The

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observed by Maude V22 the mother suffered from myxoedema, one son

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in its action. Some patients speak of a peculiar "roll over" feeling.

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each leg or one in the thigh and one in the leg usually suffice to do

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the auricular face of the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve. A

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ered will effect a cure. Simple aspiration of the cyst is not sufficient,

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disease. The change from the previous normal condition may be

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many twistings and turnings of which the vein walls must necessarily

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hard knot which is due to the presence of a thrombus. These knots

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method that nitrogen was present to the amount of 34.515 mg. per

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toms, and this precipitation of signs, which belongs to the nature of

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they appeared in a definite form at about the time that the blood urea

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dence of vaso-motor spasm producing a tight constriction of the ar-

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to clot than those from the case with the shorter coagulation time. An

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rates and recurrence rates to depend on general vigor, condition of