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Wales, which separates the coastal from the inland watershed : the lat-

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j'ears of age. In each of these cases, 7, 8, and 9, the Candidate will also

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ports is to show the satisfactory condition of the several asylums, and

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are to be found at Mannheim and Darmstadt. These are the places

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ture in joints were intended for resection. At that lime (three weeks

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each in his own words, and from the observation of separate cases, de-

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in the highest esteem amongst us ; and mothers and mistresses have

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this letter. If the President of the Poor-law Board can be induced

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LISMDRE UNION, co. Waterford- Medical Officer, Puhlic Vaccinator, and

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arteriosus was pervious, and communicated with the pulmonary artery,

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Lists of the w-ounded on both sides have hitherto been exchanged

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asked a question about the circulation of the blood, that Professor

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lish Language ; 2. The Latin Language ; 3. Mathematics ; 4. One of

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Barker, and Dr. Dixon. Monkwearmouth Pit was first visited, and

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registration of diseases, which is neglected in the civil population, is

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and Miss Nightingale, From Trochu's letter I take the following sen-

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Session, £^ 5s. ; half Session, £2, 3s. ; perpetual, £(> 6s. ; g, h, it,

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distribution of a small plate having the name of the regiment and the

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ditional on the Students being furnished with t'onii fidr Certificates of regular attend-

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contemplation the holding of the meeting at Rome instead of Bologna,

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the rapid premature decay of the men, the puny character of the chil-

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reclamations, wives in spite of their husbands, kept women in spite of their keepers,

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therefore, to address the queries which he wishes to put to tlic editor of the Ncui

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regulate and strengthen the faculties that they might discover further

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The facilities afforded by the new system of " unattached studentship"

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ment thirty years ago, and he him>elf had adopted the same principles

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the face and extremities had in this instance also preceded the convul-

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spective districts, and to point out by what means or precautionary

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Being obliged by private affairs to go to the theatre of war for a few

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Dr. Stokes (Dublin) congratulated the Section on having the oppor-

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of Parliament, your Committee recommend that a Medical Reform

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available for public purposes, would be to append to each weekly return a statis-

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medical journals, or to the British Medical Association. I only wish points

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Tlie following is the return for the week ending September 17th. Ad-

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Case .\vi. — Renan, woimded, like most of the others, on September

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action, like those of Dr. B. W. Richardson, noted by Dr. Laycock. As

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cessity which existed for devoting themselves to the earnest study of

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next sc'^sion, that he will be compelled to lift a finger for the preservation of our

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medical readers, and especially to our own readers ; while the book, as

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cially those who are preparing for examination, so as to avoid the

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