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became so great that the deeper vascular system became

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is there a generic for casodex

fessor Cornil and M. Bardoux defended the liberal professions,

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regarded by gourmets as a great delicacy, is the thymus

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stu lents was 5, of whom 2 had entered for the medical and 3

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cases shown in evidence of this assumption were very doubtful

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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any

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was of itself such that it could not fail to impress Ministers

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mew's Hospital ; J. E. Hodgson, Owens College, Manchester ; L C.

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Double Optic Atrophy following Ebysipblas'of One Side

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have failed, crude opium may produce the desired effect. It

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2. The rate of mortality among the unvaccinated sufl'erers

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F. Lobb, St Mary's Hospital : j. E. Long, Bristol ; J. R. Long. West-

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ance and in weight. He was taking a carefully regulate*,

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thought it desirable, therefore, to state our opinion on the

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flammable matter had accumulated there, but the spark:

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on matters of importance. An authority and its officers will thus have

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The secondary coil was brought to within 5 centimetres of its

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ebriety, while 21 were indebted for their malady to the in-

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marily vaccinated during the incubation period the attacks

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become distinctly paralysed, so as to bring about the increas-

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the pain ; it is acute and throbbing. On examination patient

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revival is due to Professor Morisani, of Naples, but its adop-

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M.R.C.S Eng , L.R.C.P.Lond., of Oxford University and London

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fied, unmarried, and not under 2;^ years of age. Salary, £12.5 per an-

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of the evening the Secretary announced subscriptions and

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carefully dealt with and extinguished under the efhcient control of Dr.

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would lay before the House a despatch signed by General Wilson, then

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business required the assistance of a i|ualified medical prac-

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COS-l-H„0 = CO,-l-H.S. In mineral waters at the springs

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antiseptic atmosphere ; but some days later, in addition, we

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tured with stout silk, which was cut short. The peritoneum!

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written by Mr. Lawson Tait. It was only on the second day

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white matter was chietly involved. Above the lesion, in the uppermost

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and he had applied it himself, for the local treatment of peri-: